The Rainy Dance

Life they say isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but throwing yourself to dance in the rain, I guess I took that a bit too seriously……Enjoy
Girl dances in the rain.

Maintaining its partial indigo color,

The clouds gathered and approached the night with a frown,

Furious wind aggressively swept the whole street in hurried anticipation,

Scattering leaves, hurling dust into the air with apoplectic abandon,

Even the waste papers and nylons weren’t spared,

Hoisting them to heights where they waltzed gracefully.


I caught sight of the plants dancing a dance of welcome,

Lightening kept snarling in the distant dark nights like a hungry dog,

The heavens has started weeping, a bitter lachrymose

So I imitate these leaves, to participate in the welcome dance


Icy-cold-heavenly drops swallowed me,

Each drop, brought along with it a sizeable dose of cold,

Biting hungrily into my Negro skin.

Unperturbed by the new discomfort I plagued myself with,

Wriggling and gyrating, I welcomed the healing drops,

Pouring straight from the Almighty’s hand, the water matted my hair.

Anew I was washed, with quick short breath escaping my nose.

Merrily I danced in the long awaited rain,

My own dance of welcome

dancing rain 3



Plexus Paradox

Have the haughty thieves not been honored? While the honest, hard working humiliated?
Protuberated bellies, bloated bodies, but starving souls.
The sheep have renounced the shepherd, and ignorantly appointed wolves as their warden.
More roads and bridges have been constructed have been integrity, morals and bashfulness have been bashed
Didn’t they say the end justifies the means? But has the means ever justified the end?
These dark times have seen wrong switch meanings with right. Wrongs are now right, and rights are labeled wrong,
Right turned left, what else is left of right?
Abnormal now normal, with the ‘Ab’ now on the stomach of men.
Have we not invented faster, time saving devices and devices? Yet we never seem to have time.
Is the land not indolently idle? Feverishly fertile? very virile? yet are we not dying of hunger and penury?
The fishes are dying of thirst, the birds of asphyxia
Death of thirst is rife whilst flood ravages our measly homes.
More books have been written but there has been less knowledge.
Answers are relentlessly questioned, but questions remain unanswered
Have we not made groundbreaking medical treatments and researches? Why shorter life expectancies?
We buy the most expensive cloth, only to be naked.
We love those who are flippant about us, but get exasperated by those who truly love us.
We drive the big things but we are devoid of even the smallest drive.
We bleach, nurture and cherish a skin that doesn’t even belong to us. A body the earth will eventually inherit.
‘Ohhh!! Where did I put these keys again? I held it a while ago, I’m forgetting things too much nowadays- we vie to hide our true ages but they are obvious on our tired faces and minds- Senility.
Pompous parties is our practice, we dance,wear mask of happiness, but are miserable and unhappy within
Many unhappy faces behind a painted smile, heartaches and loneliness decked up in modern style.
The offspring…the one the shepherd turns out to be the wolf scattering the flock- the religious leaders beget the miscreant and bane of the society.
Many manic misogynists become the most loved by the women folk that they rag.
The child thinks his mothers arms is the safest fort, within them he’s safe, but even the fearless mother is now scared
When morsel chokes us, we drink water. But when water chokes us, what do we do?
The irony of the doctor who helped in birthing a new life, while the one who birthed him was dying-his father was twitching in the frenzy throes of death
Were twins not paired in the womb, and ushered into this world together? Why exit this chaotic life at different times?
Mouths, minds and hands have collectively censured the chaste women, but the coquettes are lauded
The rich man inadvertently panders to the mercy of death. Eating the most hygienic food and drink, rides in air conditioned vehicles. However his demise is always too soon,
But the mad man taunts death, dares the elements of weather, eats food already soiled with mud. Yet death flees from him.
She. whom I don’t think you might know her?
She went overseas for her monthly medical checkup, she was assured to be fit as a fiddle, and would live to see many more years
She, on her return journey home, had her plane almost ruptured by the inclement; the experienced pilot kept repeating ‘it was only by grace we survived’
Bandits waylaid her on her way home, dispossessed her of her valuables, and she was barely hit by one of their bullets. A close shave with death she called it.
She ran to her clergy to help press Providence for heavenly succor from her tribulations, but she only lost her footing on the short stairs of the church and cracked her skull; Death finally had his way. “you slippery Lilliputian’ he whispered
Life gives death as a gift for your generous patronage, and death offers life as discount to cajole the curious customer.

O’People ponder on the pitiful plights and paradoxes; pick Pandora boxes peopled with patience and precautions. Purloin a panoramic peep into my Plexus of Paradox. Peace

Dirge for a dirge singer

O ma se oo!!  So that man too has died?

So death has coerced him out of living?

When? How did he die?

Does it matter?

He obeyed death’s beguiling beckon.


I remember him,

Wrinkly faced, aged mouth intoned in a plangent threnody,

Improvising in anguished lamentations

With a deft sobriety as his forebears had done.

Is he now dead?

The one who quipped Al-Mautu in his solemn chants

A coward? To have yielded to death’s summon?


Alas, another dirgerer

In unhurried languid tones, as his erstwhile.

Iku leers at him from the shadows,

Waiting, waiting to seize him

Seize him vengefully at the appointed time.


Oh harbinger of rigor mortis,

Didn’t we attempt to bribe you?

You scoffed at our mortal pleas,

your quarry already aimed; our dirge singer

Unfallen wrestler of bygone years,

how did you fall to the faceless coward?

Did he pounce on you from behind?

How cruel this vanquisher is?

Not even allowing you picks buba or fila

Before whisking you off in hurried covet.

Fatally inebriated, the swig you took from death’s goblet.

Haa!! Iku ti gba opa ilu lowo re

Timber with largest girth, is always short-lived in the forest

You yearned longetivity, who doesn’t?

Al-Mautu disagreed, the Creator refused,

The mouth wished to retain the delicious meat, but the throat disagreed

The visitor has returned to his dwelling

Your soul; the visitor

Visitor of the body

It eloped in the cordial company of death


Multitude musings at my mouth

Don’t you tire?

Marauder of many mortals, even the meek,

Thrusting deceased into the womb of the earth,

Earth the voracious, swallows,

Like cloudy skies to the sun.

Sharp screams of pain tears me out of reverie,

The new dirge singer dirges on robotically

A newer one at his would-be demise

After all a dirge for a dirge singer


*o ma se oo:  A popular Yoruba expression “what a pity”

 Al-Mautu:  Arabic word for”death” also used in Yoruba vernacular

 Iku: Yoruba word for “death”

Buba and fila: Yoruba traditional cloth, buba could be shirt or smock and fila means cap

Iku ti gba opa ilu lowo re:  a Yoruba expression roughly meaning “death has wrenched the drum stick from his drumming hands”

Dirgerer: a coined word from the poet meaning “a dirge singer”

(This piece was totally imagined in the form of a household whose family heritage it is to sing dirges at people’s funeral, only for them to die to be replaced by another one. It was inspired by the so many news of demises around us, and from Ayinla omowura’s song “omi titun ti ru”)

Please kindly drop your esteemed comments/critiques in the box provided below


Working peo

The Proletariat

My truant soul steals back into consciousness,

The room seemed desolately wobbly

Yet to sit properly in my sleep enshrouded eyes.

‘Where is everyone gone?’

To continue the never-ending struggles and perambulation humans are known for

The sunny day subtly slipped out of cognizance

To catch a train into the night,

Inimitable laughers of men and women seemed absent,

Only the crickets attempted to cheer the darkness.

But ‘where is everyone gone?’

The struggles and perambulations has denied them returning home early

Their toil never abated

They only took a break,

Plodding home at night, frenetically fatigued

The mortally body suit usually coerced into the struggle

Is denied healthy food, sufficient rest and air

Alas, the poor melanin- shroud is bombarded

With junks, alcohol, vigil and inanities

A final absence culminated into an inevitable lachrymose,

‘Where is everyone gone?’

To an abode of no return,

Death the harbinger of tears conveyed them

Where they shall be vaulted underneath our ambling feet

And transformed from earth into earth,

To support continuation of life for we the living

Lurked invisibly in a corner I looked on in awe,

Myriads of newly exuberant mortals

Renew the infinite struggle bequeathed to them.

“Where is everyone gone?’

To continue the never-ending struggles and perambulations humans are known for

At The Tap

wordpressCold water spewing from the tap ran over my hands. Through the window I gazed at the crescent moon,pondering on how comfortably it sat on an invisible chair placed 4 it in d sky,invisible it would continue to remain perhaps to my mortal eyes.
Oh these memories keep stealing into my head and leaving when they please,like an exit door.Those days of my childish consciousness,when my mother took me by my hand to my primary school,I would stand emotionally by the black gate of the school,wishing she wouldn’t turn back,she’d rub my head to dispel my fears and assure me of how fine school would turn out,has it? After all these years I remain in school endlessly pursuing courses which I can’t safely say would benefit me or not.
Did I mention she had a protruded belly at that time?With my lil sister’s feotus inhabiting her fertile womb,Oh sweet mother of all mothers. A week later,if my now ageing head could recall correctly,my father told me of the birth of my new sister,when I returned from school
“Your mom just gave birth to a girl,tell your younger brother” he said. I just stared unfathomably at the man,wondering where the new girl came from,was she the one who made my mother’s belly swell?,could she be so demanding that she forced the poor woman to carry about a swollen stomach?,I need to see the new girl they call my sister;Such thoughts raged in my childish head.
Unfortunately I was absent at the naming ceremony due to school,upon returning,plethora of people besieged our house,exchanging congratulatories,eating,drinking and all sort,people I’d never seen in all childish life were introduced to me,one wit a tribal-mark-littered-face claimed to always carry me wen I was little,another particularly chubby one corroborated the impromptu story,saying I defecated a lot.I just stared at them in awe,listening 2 them one by one.
At night when all was settled,I looked at the new girl lying in the cradle;so fragile,little and too innocent-looking to have caused my mother pain. “What’s her name?” I asked in a sharp voice,asking for my sister’s name seemed very weird to me.”Abimbola  Ayinde” she answered with a warm smile,I repeated d names severally so I won’t forget,can I forget?Yet I peered at her once protruding belly 2 see if it was still swollen,flatness as slate was what confronted my sight,I checked for maybe stitches on the stomach,to see if the new girl was harvested from there,to my surprise I found nothing. I kept wondering where the strange Abimbola popped out from,”where did she come out from? I asked sharper this time around,”u’r too small to understand” my mother replied.
Later in my life I learnt where my sister passed out from(not from my mum though),but mum was right wouldn’t have understood if I was told the answer,I might have demanded to see the entrance my sister passed into the world,yh I was that inquisitive.
Suddenly I felt cold fluid running over my hands,oh!! I startled back into reverie,the crescent still sat on his invisible chair,without showing any sign it would stand up anytime soon.



The Toad's Torment

The Toad’s Torment

Rays of light sear through the serene night,invisibly cutting d wet grasses,
Its these humans again with their unending perambulation,
Terrorising and oppression of we lesser animals is dier favourite sport,
“Sshhhsh keep still u younglings and hide under d bushel,
Stifle ur booming croaks”.
At this time of the year which they call their 1st semester,
Is when they invade our homes,snatching us like dier market goods,
In a bid 2 satisfy their stupid scientific thirst,
A scientific course I hear they call ZOO 101″.
“Sshhssh I said keep still u younglings and lay low under d bushel,
These humans are so cruel and bestial,
If u happened 2 be snatched up,
U’ll be laid on a table,wit ur white stomach slit open,
D agony on ur face and the cold blood oozing from the cuts doesn’t matter 2 them,
Your internals will be exposed,all in d name of finding a particular vein.
Haaaa!! Such cruelty these mortals bestow on us.
Shouldn’t we report these nefarious acts 2 The Creator?
“Shshshhh they’ve crept close enough 2 see ur brown skin and bobbing throat,
In groups dey besiege our dwellings,greedily kidnapping,killing,maiming our kind,
Even ma parents and siblings fell victim of their wickedness.
And dats why I say keep still younglings,or lest u become a scapetoad 4 their scientific experiments
It was with this their science dey made d world unsafe 4 themselves,
Foolish men!! Pollution and toxic waste quietly kills dem,
Nuclear weapon came also from this their scientific researches,
Their evil knows no bound.
As I crept closer to listen to more of the toad’s lamentation, i accidentally stepped on a twig which broke with a “pprrraaakk’ sound.
The speaking toad looked into my direction with an angry yellowish eyes and said
“Another silly human eavesdropping on us,you can choose 2 tell your lot what you’v heard”
And he hopped furiously into the endless night.